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Pennies at the Quarters

  • Near Westside Initiative, Syracuse
This immersive visual and spatial installation explored the perception of value within a community struggling with economic challenges. As the artwork’s statement read:
  • “These pennies are a mixed bag. Some are shiny, some dirty; some are old, some young; some are foreign and others have been through so much they barely have a face. Yet they are all worth the same amount. Though it may seem small, they all have value. And together, as a group, as a community, they become something far beyond their conventional worth.”
Many volunteers made the installation a reality by helping with the rigorous task of hanging thousands of pennies ($100 worth).

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  • Brendan Rose
  • 315-882-3561 
  • 118 North Main St. 2nd Floor
  • Providence, Rhode Island 02903

  • Zack Bloomer
  • 315-460-5435
  • 466 Westcott Street #2
  • Syracuse, New York 13210

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