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Engaging our clients, our communities, and our environment with a curious mind produces harmonious outcomes. The integrity of this process is more important to us than stylized form-making. As collaborators we…


Listening closely to clients, community members, collaborative partners and builders is critical to our process. The best design solutions can come from any source, so we’re always curious to hear others’ unique insights.

We also listen to what particular places tell us; how the sun, wind, trees and seasons interact with the land and how people and their stories interact with a place.   


We learn with our hands about material properties, fabrication techniques, and the inherent qualities of object construction. As fabricators of our own designs, we enjoy being able to develop details throughout construction so all stages of the process can inform the finished product.


We care about the communities and neighborhoods where we work. We aim to make these places more vibrant, healthy, and equitable. We connect to the natural ecologies we live in through our practice and produce designs that are grounded in local histories and cultures.

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  • Brendan Rose
  • 315-882-3561 
  • 118 North Main St. 2nd Floor
  • Providence, Rhode Island 02903

  • Zack Bloomer
  • 315-460-5435
  • 466 Westcott Street #2
  • Syracuse, New York 13210

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