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Our public art work is rooted in the tradition of architectural design-build, where the trajectory from concept to execution is an investigative process. We create objects and spaces that are situationally responsive, approaching each project with an open-mind toward its particular site and collaborators. These installations foster place-based identity with memorable forms that are inspired by their context.

Lipe Cross-Arc


This landscape sculpture was created to provide Crossfit workout infrastructure that resonated with the art park’s post-industrial setting. The design delineates a multi-use space with raw steel trusses and timber-board towers. Crossfit elements include pull-up bars, medicine ball toss walls, monkey bars, and jump-up benches.


The hopeful open-hand welcomes people to downtown Syracuse. The Hand was designed as a kit-of-parts, assembled with volunteer and audience participation during the city’s Arts & Crafts Festival. Most of the materials were salvaged, including pre-mixed concrete waste from a large construction project nearby.

Providence Hanukkiah

  • Providence Office of Art, Culture and Tourism

This large, decorative hanukkiah for the City of Providence's yearly Hanukkah celebration is illuminated nightly by adding acrylic flames lit up by LED lights. The sculpture was designed to collapse for storage following the holiday. 

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  • Brendan Rose
  • 315-882-3561 
  • 118 North Main St. 2nd Floor
  • Providence, Rhode Island 02903

  • Zack Bloomer
  • 315-460-5435
  • 466 Westcott Street #2
  • Syracuse, New York 13210

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