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Westcott Streetscape

  • Westcott Neighborhood Association
  • Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today

  • Neighborhood placemaking
  • Pedestrian safety improvements
  • Community engaged design-build
Echo partnered with the Westcott Neighborhood Association to design and build numerous streetscape improvements in the business district to make it more welcoming and pedestrian friendly. Our first undertaking was the improvement of a small, city owned green-space, which we expanded by adding sculptural benches and a new pathway. The collaboration continued with a new bus stop shelter and gateway signage for the district. The designs' bright colors express the fun and funky nature of the community. Each of these designs was created through community engagement, input, and volunteer participation.

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  • Brendan Rose
  • 315-882-3561 
  • 118 North Main St. 2nd Floor
  • Providence, Rhode Island 02903

  • Zack Bloomer
  • 315-460-5435
  • 466 Westcott Street #2
  • Syracuse, New York 13210

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