Haitian Community Kitchen

How we helped:

* Disaster Relief Solutions
* Pop-Up Food Stalls

The impetus for the community kitchen was a response to the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Echo partnered with native Haitian architect Kenel Antoine to develop the design to pitch locally.

The kitchen provides a venue for nutritional access to communities that face infrastructure crisis and can act as a hub for relief aid nutrition. The kit of parts design takes advantage of common, low cost components and materials. The modular structure itself is intended to be easily assembled without extensive construction knowledge. The structure is intended to be either permanent or temporary in nature, if nutritional infrastructure rebounds and demand diminishes it can be flat packed and transported to another location in need. Once erected, the community kitchen is virtually self sustaining and requires very little outside resources to function. Photovoltaic panels on the roof provide general electricity which will power electric burners for cooking. A rain capture, collection and filtration system augments water demands. The community kitchen is designed for warm climates and is an open air structure with overhanging rooflines which provide shade and rain protection, while also allowing for natural ventilation.


Kenel J. Antoine Architect & Associates

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