Pennies at the Quarters

How we helped:

* Orientation & Dis-Orientation
* Immersive Space
* Crowd-Sourced Questioning

Created as part of an artist residency at the SALT Quarters the goal of Pennies at the Quarters was to make something beautiful that would also raise questions regarding value and the perception of value within a community facing economic challenges. Here is the statement presented at the show:

“These pennies are a mixed bag. Some are shinny, some dirty; some are old, some young; some are foreign born, and others have been through so much they barely have a face. Yet they are all worth the same amount. Though it may seem small, they all have value. And together, as group, as a community, they can show us something far beyond their worth.”

This show was only accomplished through the participation of many colleagues, family members, and students who helped accomplish the rigorous task of hanging 10,000 pennies.


$100 worth of pennies

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