At Echo, we design structures and spaces that work for you and are productive, exciting places for community. We do this by combining our listening, consensus-building skills with creative brainstorming and technical knowhow.
We’ll provide a foundation for envisioning your future project by leading conversations, charrettes, and visioning techniques. Together we’ll explore and study your: user needs, potential costs, and project location(s).
If your project calls for it, custom-crafted elements of your design can be made by the hands-on team at Echo. Our fabrication experience includes: carpentry, metalwork, masonry, and landscape construction.
Public Art
Street Amenities
With the goal of making streetscapes more fun and friendly to the community, Echo integrates art and purpose with unique outdoor signage, benches, bike racks, bus stops, and trash receptacles. We create distinct pieces that turn spaces into PLACES.
Our sculpture installations enliven public spaces. Some are designed to communicate and give meaning, and some are made for joy and whimsy. All of them are intended to enrich the places they inhabit.
Public Spaces
We reimagine how places can strengthen community by creating welcoming, social and safe public spaces where art plays a role in connecting people to local culture.
Graphic Design
Web Design
Your website will often be the first place people go to learn about you, so it needs to be well thought-out and have a professional look. Using a combination of clear messaging, strong design, and the latest technology, you’re sure to make a great first impression.
Print Design
It’s true, people still need marketing and promotional design in print! From brochures, newsletters, books, flyers, posters, ads, banners, you name it we can create it. Our eye for detail and relationships with local printers means you’ll get the best possible final product.
Put your best foot face forward! A strong visual identity can create a memorable experience for people. Concept, color, and type come together to give your company a unqiue look that will extend through all of your marketing and communications.
Clarifying your message will help your business or organization grow. But it has to be done the right way- people aren’t just looking for what you do, they’re looking for how you can help them. Your marketing can no longer ignore their story. Using the StoryBrand framework, we can refine your messaging so customers start listening.
How do you approach a revamped marketing plan? What are some proven strategies that can move your business forward? We can look at your existing plans and make recommendations that prioritize clear messages and calls-to-actions.
Copy Writing
Most companies need to extend their primary messaging into all areas of marketing. We can help craft email campaigns, sales letters, and lead-generating documents. Already off to a solid start? Let us help you edit that copy to make it as strong as possible!

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